Seminar by Adam Poliak from Barnard College

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Date: June 09, 2021

Cordially welcome to a seminar by Adam Poliak on Wednesday 9th of June, at 14:00 online via Zoom.

Title: "Exploring Reasoning Capabilities of NLP systems using Recognizing Textual Entailment"

Abstract: "Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the field of building machines that humans can seamlessly interact with through spoken and written language. As NLP systems become more ubiquitous in our daily lives through technologies like Google Translate and Appleā€™s Siri, it is important to develop methods that provide insight into understanding the reasoning capabilities of these systems. I will cover my work on developing diagnostic test-suites composed of fine-grained semantic phenomena. With remaining time, I will highlight some recent work in the community applying RTE as an evaluation method to downstream NLP models."

Time: 14.00-15.45

Location: via Zoom,