You can download our software and run our experiments on your own corpora, modifying parameters and changing the design of the model as you think appropriate.

The development of this software was funded by ESRC Research Project ES/J022969/1. We make it available here for free download. It is to be used exclusively for research and teaching purposes. It is not for commercial use, nor is it to be sold.

Please cite the ESRC research project and the relevant papers as the source of the software if you use it for work reported in publications, or if you distribute it further.

We do not warranty this software in any way, nor do we guarantee support for it.

We would be interested in receiving bug reports and feedback. We will try to respond to questions in accordance with the time and resources available to us.

In downloading this software you acknowledge these conditions of use, and you agree to abide by them.

The toolkit is hosted on Github: link